Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What to make!?

A few people have suggested that I need to make/bake my neighbor something for plowing me out. Sure thing--that's not a problem in our house. We love to cook...and I do enjoy baking, although I don't do it often. I did want to do something nice for him, anyway.

I think a cake is a little over the top, plus, I don't do cakes from scratch. I can do cookies, but the thing cookies don't always come out so great. They are DELICIOUS, but not very pleasing to the eye. Either too flat or too puffy.

I'm thinking banana bread...without nuts though, since I don't know if anyone has allergies.



  1. good point about allergies. I think banana bread sounds great!! Or there's always cupcakes. I'm always pro cupcakes :)

    I'm not the best at cookies either.

  2. Yeah, I'm very allergy-sensitive since a lot of friends and family have them. Thankfully, I do not.

    Heh, does that mean I have to make the cupcakes from scratch?? I have a box of cake mix in my cabinet... ;-)


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