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Happy New Year! (2011 Goal Wrap Up)

My last post was on November 22, whoops. What happened? Like most people when they take a blogging hiatus it's because they got busy. I have more to say on where I was and what I was doing that made me so busy, but I think that will be explained in my 2011 Goal Wrap Up.

Last year, I wrote down these goals and gave updates on them in February and July. Nothing since then, but no time like the present...

Personal goals:
1. Like everyone and their mother, work on exercising more and getting healthier.
And like everyone and their mother, I've had my ups and downs. I joined W e i g h t W a t c h e r s in June, and was doing well with the online tracking, then fell off for a bit. I've started going to the meetings, which have NOT been as horrible as I thought they would be. While I don't like showing someone else how heavy I am, there's certainly a motivation in knowing someone will see the number!

2. Enjoy my free time more, by working on hobbies, taking classes, etc.
As you know, I took a sewing class last winter, but that's about it. The summer was full of gardening, so that was a lot of free time spent on a hobby. I also started stripping varnish off of an antique sideboard/hutch that my dad bought for $10 at an estate auction. Don't know if I posted about this here, but I do have pictures to show my progress...coming soon. I think I could have enjoyed my down time more or made better use of it.

3. Make more of an effort to be social.
YES! We had a party! We hosted a St. Nicholas Open House in mid December, and asked almost everyone we knew, including our neighbors who we don't know so well. We asked everyone to bring non-perishables for our local food bank. We did this because 1) the food banks are always in need of food 2) since for most people, this was their first time in our home, we didn't want people to show up with hostess gifts or housewarming presents 3) we need NOTHING! Really. We have enough junk as is. The party was a success--we had over 30 adults (and 8 kids) at our home, everyone raved about the food (I believe C has missed his called and I keep TELLING HIM that he needs to explore this more), and we brought 2 big boxes and $45 dollars of donations to the food bank.

In other areas: I tried to get some coworkers to attend an author event at a local bookstore, but that fell through. I organized a happy hour for a long-time coworker who left in August. I reconnected with an old friend--we'd been in touch via email, texts, and Facebook, but hadn't seen each other. Even though she rents an apartment from my father. Yes. So we finally met up in the fall and it's just like old times.

4. GET OUT of my hellish job that I've been at for over 4 years and MOVE ON with my life.
Nope, still there. BUT. I have news!!!! I had my review before Christmas and I am being promoted! (Can't remember if I mentioned here that I approached one of the owners about one, and it was taken well, but it was one of those "wait and see" things.) I'm happy, but it's still very surreal; that's probably because it hasn't been made official yet. (And if you're friends with me on FB, that's what I was referring to yesterday about my last little bit of good news.) Will I get a raise? That remains to be seen--they always do the reviews and raises separately. When my boss and I spoke about my possible promotion (after I approached the owner), I told him my goal number, salary-wise. I'm hopeful that they will be able to meet me, especially since the company has had a great year.

5. Keep improving my relationship with Turtle.
Of course, still working on this. We've had some major hurdles in 2011--not only his second layoff and crazy job moves, but I've had some health issues that have impacted daily life in this house. All of those things can make for waves in a relationship.

6. This goes with #4 but find a new job that allows me to shine and share my talents with others; where I am appreciated for who I am and what I contribute. Also, one that is family-friendly and has great benefits.
This didn't happen, but maybe someday?

House goals:
1. Really finish fixing up and getting settled into our house.
I think we're finally starting to get there?

2. Getting this house PAINTED top to bottom. I can do a lot myself, but for some rooms, I will need to call in the pros. The kitchen and our bedroom need to be done by pros b/c I take a long time, and we kinda need those two rooms to live in.
The entire first floor is now painted! Upstairs, just the hallway and our bedroom. But SO much better than it was when we moved in :)

3. Start our garden in the early spring. We're already looking at seed catalogs (DORKS).
We did this. We had an AMAZING garden, some days TOO MUCH produce, but we made lots of different sauces and froze them. We shared with family, neighbors, and coworkers. Will we do it again? YES.

4. Buy new doors for the two bedrooms where the previous owners' sons bashed them in.
Not yet.

5. Paint our basement hatchway door.
Yes! Right before the frost, I finally did it.

6. Figure out a new/better method for firewood storage.
Yes. Lots of racks and piles of firewood now. Hopefully none will fall down, which happened after Christmas 2010.

7. Possibly build a shed in our backyard.


8. Continue to keep things neat!
Ehhh, getting there?

9. Put up some kind of tile/backsplash behind the stove. It gets messy back there and what's th
e sense in painting it if it's just going to keep getting gross?
No, but the paint is durable so it's helping. But I think tile might be coming someday.

10. More planting! Especially some trees.
No trees were planted, but we did plant tons of bulbs and some perennials around the house. Oh, two hydrangeas also (more like shrubs, I guess).

Financial goals:
1. I've been trying to put away ~$500/month into savings, and I'd like to keep that up, if not increase it.
Not every month, especially when C was laid off a lot.

2. I've been socking away ~$150/month for a vacation, which I'm still going to do. We were going to go on a "big trip" in 2012/13 for our 5th anniversary, but I think instead we're going to try and go to Maine this summer. Besides a long weekend in Philly for our 1st anniversary, we haven't been away ANYWHERE since our honeymoon. We can still go away for our 5th anniversary, but not a "big trip." Maybe another small one. Who knows where things will be in 2 or 3 years?
Didn't happen.

3. Get Turtle enrolled in his 403b or whatever it's called. His company matches!
Yes! And then he got laid off.

4. Get us in to see a financial planner and have him help us make the best of our money.
In July, I wrote that we did this. He's still working with us and we're enjoying and appreciating his help.

5. Keep avoiding credit card debt. We've done GREAT with this for years, and I just want to keep it going.
Yes. Although I did charge C's Christmas gift, which was the first credit card purchase I've made in...months? Ugh, I hated doing that, but I didn't have my "personal" account's debit card with me when I bought his gift. So it will be PAID OFF. IN FULL. when the bill arrives.

6. As I'm looking for a new job, I hope to be making more money (don't we all!). I want to increase my retirement contributions AND sock more into savings instead of going crazy with more money. Of course, then I'll be too paranoid to spend the money, haha.
On my list for 2012.

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  1. Congrats on your promotion!! And good luck on your goals in 2012!


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