Saturday, January 7, 2012

Small victories

This week, I got to work early every day and was able to work (to the minute) the exact number of hours that we're "supposed" to work. I had a problem with working up to 42.5 hours every week, and while I wasn't given a talking-to, I wanted to get back on track.

I also tracked my WW points and stayed on target all week. I'm down a little over a pound since my last weigh in about 2 weeks ago, and since I wasn't on target after my last weigh in, I think I'm doing well. I walked for 25 minutes in the afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday--even in the cold and wind that we had!

I felt SO much better all around, but especially after coming in from my walks. They helped break up my work day this week and were certainly a wake me up. Speaking of waking up, I haven't been drinking any coffee. I did have some black tea mid-morning one day, and half of a can of Diet Coke one morning, but I did pretty well without it. I did have some on Friday and didn't walk that day, but I wasn't feeling great.

Goals for next week: keep tracking my food and get out at least 4 days for a walk.


  1. Woo hoo! Good job! :)

    I worked out (SMALL workouts) two days this week and did not have any pop at work. The pop thing is huge for me. . . so I'm pretty impressed with myself. I hope I can keep it up!

  2. Good job to you too! What's that saying about small changes? ;) I think they do work...

    Do you not like diet soda? Or is it more about needing to drink something other than any type of fizzy drink? Recently, I've gotten back into seltzer--the flavored kinds, or the plain ones with lemon.


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