Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking about having a few "weekly" posts

You know, the ones you see on other blogs. I had noted in my goals for 2012 that I wanted to develop more of a focus on this blog. But what to focus on?

Originally, I had set out to chronicle out house projects, but that didn't turn out so well, as we did them very spur of the moment and often sans camera.

I thought about my crafts, but those aren't being touched much...sadly.

Then I went back to what my favorite teacher always said to me, even years after I was his student and even years after I was anyone's student: Keep writing. (By the way, he was a history teacher, not an English teacher.)

If I take his words and apply them here: it doesn't matter what I write about, as long as I write from the heart and about things I know. There's always an audience. He, among countless others, have told me time and time again that I'm a good writer. In my opinion, a good writer can make a story out of anything. "They" also say "write about what you know."

Okay, so applying both rules here, a new rule might be: keep writing about what you know. Not hard, right?

What matters to me?
  • My home and my family
  • Trying to "get it all done"--be it at home, work, life, etc.
  • My faith

I can write about all of those things still, but perhaps on a more structured basis.

  • Mondays--meal planning and organization for the week ahead (have no fear, I'll probably write this on Sunday and schedule it to post on Monday, ha)
  • Thursdays--something about faith
  • Saturdays--my small victories over the past week, especially as I aim to get healthier

There might be other posts on other days, especially when we go grocery shopping; there might be rants and rambles thrown in here and there. I hope you'll stick around!

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