Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tracking food in a different way

I already track calories, but this is about MONEY, since I think we spend way too much on food.

C went shopping yesterday at a market that is in a more urban area and has more "exotic" foods (you know, like duck and different cuts of pork besides chops and roasts).

He spent $93 even and this is what he bought:
  • frozen duck $12.35
  • frozen duck $12.30
  • beef spareribs $6.91
  • beef spareribs $7.96
  • fresh pork shoulder $10.46
  • fresh pork shoulder $12.51
  • smoked pork hocks $7.02
  • broccoli & garlic sausage $5.24
  • broccoli & garlic sausage $4.82
  • steak seasoning spice mix (3 bottles @ .99 each) $2.97
  • roast beef (cold cuts) $7.27
  • onion rolls $2.99
Most of this went into the freezer and will be consumed throughout the next few months. But that's a lot of money, not to mention, we still have to go "regular" grocery shopping tonight. I'll be back to post on how much that trip cost. Fortunately, it's mostly canned things (broth, tomato products) and some pasta, so hopefully not too much.


  1. You are NOT kidding!!!! In all seriousness, I wouldn't mind giving up meat. I can take it or leave it (as long as I can have cheese!), and it would save time cooking dinner every night. C is another story...except when it comes to Lent. We don't fast as strictly as you've written about, but we follow the rules: vegan on the first Monday and Good Friday; vegetarian on Wednesdays and Fridays. I don't think it would hurt us to try more veggie days year round. Sometimes it happens without much planning... :)


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