Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Friday night randomness

OK I'm waiting for some water to come to a boil, so I thought I'd kill some time.

C is sick and I'm trying to make egg noodles for him, which will go nicely with the venison stew that I pulled out of the freezer that I'll be eating later.

This water is taking FOREVER and I don't know why. I'm not even watching it!

One of our cats sounds like a human when she's coming down the stairs. Yet she's not that big. The biggest one walks like a ninja.

Now that the Christmas decorations are down, the house looks really empty. I'm reminded how much decorating we haven't done.

Oh, but the tree is still up, fully decorated. It's real, too. You should see how good it looks!

That's a joke, our tree is fake. But it's still up.

Everything is NOT put away, it's all over the dining room table. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow? The bad thing about having a dining room table is that it can be a catch all for things.

There is a donkey braying just now. One lives across the street, but the farm is set back from the road so I've never seen him/her.

Finally. Water is boiling.

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