Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shopping Saturday

Sorry for the disjointedness of the blog these past few days (if you've noticed). I didn't go shopping this week nor was it done on Saturday. C went yesterday, on his day off (he has Fri & Sat off), and only spent about $79!!

What did he get? I don't know exactly. He lost the receipt in the parking lot when the wind kicked up. It's fine, I don't know if I was getting much out of these itemized posts and I don't think anyone out there really cares about what we buy, ha!

While I wanted to only spend $300 on food this month, here is it January 21, and we've spent almost $500. The good news is that at least $100 of this was stuff that's been frozen for later. There was also a huge amount of canned goods purchased one week. I am willing to bet that we'll CONSUME about $300 worth of food this month.

I feel so...wasteful? for spending so much money on food when I know people are feeding much bigger households on the same amount or even less. Why does food have to cost so much? Rhetorical questions which will never be answered...

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