Sunday, January 29, 2012

Small Victories Sunday

I weighed myself this morning and was shocked. I lost two pounds! I'm not really sure how, but I'll take it. I'm still over where I was a few months ago, but not too much longer until I'm back where I started.

Today while C was at work, I got so much DONE! I went to my parents' house for breakfast, ran to CVS, got invitation supplies for my dad's SURPRISE 60th birthday party at the end of March, came home and COOKED. I made minestrone soup, steamed broccoli, made rice, cut up celery for snacks this week, prepped some other things, just to get ahead a bit. Dishes, cleaned a bathroom (and a litter box), did a load of laundry, and ate dinner. Now I have the rest of the evening to myself...even though I sadly might do some work that I brought home.

I spent less than $100 at the grocery store yesterday. We're still over our goal for the month, but everything for this week's dinners we had on hand in the freezer or pantry. What I bought yesterday was produce needed for the soup and for snacks, and other odds and ends, like vinegar and milk. I was also quite pleased that I got in and out and HOME in less than an hour. But when I grocery shop, I am no nonsense. I get what's on the list and GET OUT. C is more of a browser--we drive each other nuts with our styles, so we don't go together too often. Thankfully I have a husband that actually enjoys grocery shopping. I don't think my dad has ever been REAL grocery shopping on his own and goes to the store more to buy flowers for my mom than anything else!

Also, yesterday, I was lazy. And it was nice. I woke up late, C and I got lunch at our local coffee shop, and I spent a few hours writing up some posts for this week and next.

Back to work tomorrow...blech.

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