Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The boat is home

And that's why the item on the list is gone. I am trying to find a way to use HTML to strike through on lists, but it seems that you cannot do that with the tags...

So we'll just take it off! (But seriously, if anyone knows how to do this, please comment!)

Turtle's boat has come to live with us for permanent. It's a big boat. We have enough space for it, but the way that our property is configured (house is more on one side of the lot than centered), makes it a wee bit awkward to park and store it. It was our hope (assumption?) that it would stay at my dad's business for quite a long time, as it was close to a major highway, a large gas station, big space to park it...

Notice I say "Turtle's boat" and not "our boat?" That's right. I like going on it, I don't like taking care of it...and Turtle isn't the best at towing said boat. It's a lot to handle.

But, due to some "family drama" (that I really don't want to get into) it has to come to our house. So now we have a large boat, in part of our backyard. Good thing I hadn't decided on any landscaping ideas yet!


  1. a boat would be a lot of fun. do you guys live at the lake over the summer?

  2. Hmm, not sure which lake you are referring to...but we live near the ocean! We don't have any big lakes around here...just little pond-types, good for canoes and kayaks.


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