Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu this week...

Just because I feel like sharing :-) I'm still trying to limit going to the grocery store, but I didn't realize that I was running low on important things (like onions! butter!) so I might have to go this weekend. But no meat will be purchased.

Monday--stuffed peppers with ground turkey, onions, rice, etc. Might try to do a "taco" type of filling. These were inspired by Ashley & Stephen over at (never home)maker. We have 3 or 4 peppers left in the fridge and they were starting to get a little wrinkly, so they'd be fine to use in a cooked dish, but not raw. I'll let you know how these pan out. I chopped up the onions for the meat mixture last night. Yay planning ahead! And yay for using things up!

Tuesday--deer stew. Yes, we eat deer. Yes, Turtle hunts. Don't hate. If you eat store-bought beef, the deer was probably killed more humanely than that cow. (and for the record, we eat store-bought beef too, lol) On the planning ahead note, I chopped up all of the veggies (celery, carrots, onions) for the stew and used up our supply of all of them. We have a bag of potatoes that are starting to grow some eyes, so I'll chop those off and use what's left in the bag in the stew.

Wednesday--fish sticks! Whoo hoo, you know you're jealous! We'll probably have the broccoli that I froze last night with that.

Thursday--stew leftovers

Friday--FFYS or fend for yourself. It's my dad's birthday, I have an appointment after work, Turtle's working late, so chances are, I will be eating out or at my parents' house, meatless for sure...

Saturday--I'm going to make homemade pizzas again. I did this a few weeks ago and they came out really well. I buy the dough pre-made but it's from a local Italian bread bakery, so it's really good. Add sauce, cheese, toppings, done! MUCH cheaper than takeout, too. I'll probably head to the grocery store this day as well.

EDIT: I just wanted to speak out about the deer thing. I respect those who are vegetarians or vegans, those who don't eat meat, but eat other animals, or people who eat meat from the grocery store (including myself). I hope I didn't offend anyone by my quick witted lame attempts at humor. I think we all try to eat what we can afford, what we like, what we believe in. Turtle and I are fairly equal-opportunity eaters ;-) Carry on.


  1. haha! I like this post. I actually became a vegetarian when my "beef" hamburger in college tasted like a deer burger. My friends thought I was nuts. But I grew up in the mountains, not the big city like them.

    You're right - deer is far better than factory farm beef. But - yuck! - I'm just glad to be done with all of it. ;) It's not too often a blogger mentions something like deer. Thumbs up for truly expressing your lifestyle there.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Last summer, my parents bought a side of beef from a farmer friend...and it tasted a lot like deer to Turtle & me. My parents don't eat deer so they were a little puzzled about the taste. Turns out the beef was grass-fed, which is better than corn-fed, but not many people do it, since it's more costly.

    Which reminds me: blog about the challenges of eating according to one's principles....or trying to.


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