Saturday, March 13, 2010

So yesterday was my birthday...

...and I am now 30 years old.

In the weeks approaching my birthday, I have to admit that I was feeling a little apprehensive. Sad even. I'm not sure why, but I just was. Part of if was the "OMG I AM GOING TO BE SO OLD NOW" and feeling the rush of life going by faster than I'd like. Part of it had to do with Turtle's work schedule, and that I'd be alone on my birthday night until 9 pm. Then he told me he requested it off. SCORE!!! That made me SO happy, it really was the best birthday present I could have had.

But I forgot to request the day off, so I ended up calling out sick. I had been hemming and hawing about taking it off...and then it was too late, and my boss was in and out all week with one sick kid, then another, then she got sick.

It was such a relaxing, low key day. Went to get my new driver's license (where we live they expire every 6 years on your birthday), went to IKEA and picked up some little things (and BIG things, like another Billy bookcase) for the house. We got a late lunch, came home and took naps...then we realized that my family would be over soon, so we had to scramble to clean up the house a bit. It was truly a "me" day (I'm not a big partier) and I enjoyed it all.

But now that I'm 30, I'm starting to re-evaluate things more.

1) my fertility--my GYN told me at my annual in January that I needed to really think about trying for baby #1 by the time I'm 32/33. So not NOW, but soon. Plus, I have some other health issues I need to get under control before we even think about trying. Which brings me to

2) getting healthy. I'm overweight and don't do well at trying to balance working out, working, eating right, life stuff, etc. I am very all or nothing, which doesn't work in the real world. But now that the other clock is ticking, it's time to make some changes.

3) my job. I do like where I work, but I'm starting to feel itchy. March 11 was 3.5 years at my job--this is the longest job I've had, besides being my parents' child or a student! I love what I do, but there has to be something else out there. I'd love to blog all day about my life and what I do around the house, AND be paid for it, but that doesn't really work for most people. So, what do I do? I'd also like something a little more active, hands-on, if that makes sense.

4) getting out there, doing more. I've turned into a slight recluse in my new-found old age ;-) But today, I took a big step and went to a gardening class! (By myself even) It was great. I got some tips on what to plant in my yard, what the people at the garden center recommend, listened to the problems that other people have, etc. I can't wait to get out in the soil and START digging!


  1. happy birthday! glad you had a good one! your 30's really aren't too bad.

  2. Happy birthday! I turned 30 in October and so far I've liked it. It was a motivator for me to re-evaluate my life too, but I'm starting to make changes for the better. Everyone I know says their 30s was the best decade. Be excited.

  3. I'm glad you had a nice and relaxing birthday! Good job on getting out there and doing a gardening class :)


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