Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gardening class!

I signed up for one today that meets on Saturday at the local garden center. I read about it in the local paper (I should say, I was reading SUNDAY'S paper on TUESDAY night), so I checked their website to make sure I had the details right and called this afternoon.

The class is called We Plan, You Plant:
Work with [store's] team of plant experts to create
a new garden project, or revise a landscape eyesore. Bring
photos/dimensions of a location on your property to the
workshop for hands-on help. Each attendee will receive a
keepsake journal and a $25.00 [store] Gift Card good
towards your next purchase of $100 or more. Fee: $25.00

SIGN ME UP! Our Realtor gave us a $50 gift card to this place when we moved in, so we've got that burning holes in our pockets, plus we got a 20% off total purchase coupon from the store after our real estate transaction hit the paper (along with a crap ton of junk mail, lol). I think this class's price of $25 is well worth it, especially since I'll kinda get it back....

Now, I must take pictures of the front of our house, since that's the area I want to work on first. The entire yard needs lots of help, but that's because of what the previous owners didn't do, not because of what they did. There's barely any plantings, shrubs, trees, etc. So I have a clean slate to work with. EXCEPT the front of the house by our porch. There are a lot of shrubs--some we like, some we don't. Some need to GO.

Turtle gave me a new camera for Christmas and I haven't really used it yet. I know, I know.... So what better way to finally use it than to take pictures of our house? Hopefully this class can help me 1) figure out what kinds of shrubs we have, 2) what to get rid of (especially the nasty pygmy barberry--YUCK), and 3) what to plant instead!


  1. that class is a win/win situation, especially since you basically get your money back. we were lucky b/c we liked the majority of the landscaping in our yard, except for the 2 sides of the house. one side had ivy and the other had some pickly shrub (which i replaced w/ prickly roses, go figure).

  2. I know, I thought it was a typo when I saw it, but the website says the same thing. I'll take it! It's sad, in a way, that the previous owners didn't do much, but I'm looking at it as a positive with less mess to deal with :)

    We've deduced that most of the shrubs are rhododendrons and azaleas, which are fine and will stay. There are a few that we don't know what they are, and some of those will go, only because they are also prickly! Who wants to landscape, garden, hang Christmas lights, etc with THOSE near your house? Ouch.


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