Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not the only one who's doing a little pre-emptive spring cleaning...

...of the freezer that is.

So is Katie, over at Making this Home! She has a great blog, be sure to check it out. Very very different life than Turtle and I live here in the U.S. but I do like a lot of her ideas and agree with her on many things. Plus, it's fun to see how other people live.

The stuffed peppers came out great. Turtle was a little underwhelmed, but he's a much better cook than me. I had some for work the next day and I froze the remainder for a lunch down the road. I love using up everything.

In a surprise move, Turtle ended up making the deer stew (he took yesterday off at the last minute) so it was 1000000000 times better than mine would have been. And now we are officially without fresh vegetables. Not even a lone onion. Potatoes, yes, but I do not consider them vegetables. They are a starch, people. So is CORN.

Since we are without any fresh vegetables, and butter, and dill pickles, and SNACKS (all things that Turtle is oh-so desperate for, lol) I'm going shopping on Saturday, but I'm cheating a bit. REBATE CARDS!!!!

When we bought our freezer for the basement, Sears was offering rebate debit cards for the delivery charges. I also bought a years supply of contacts because they were offering a rebate. Oddly enough, both rebates arrived on the same day and are Visa cards, which makes me think they all come from some great big debit card factory. Sears gave us a $75 one and CooperVision gave us a $45 one. I think I can try and snag some food with those.

Tonight is definitely fish sticks (yay Lent) and that broccoli I'd saved from the garbage ;-)

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