Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm going to be composting very soon. I could probably start now, but I want to be FULLY prepared before I do. I have this book, Composting: An Easy Household Guide, that a friend got me for Christmas...and should get around to reading it soon!

I know I need a big structure of sorts to keep it all in outside (even though we have some wooded areas on our property), so that needs to be located or built. I also need a vessel to keep the compost-to-be tucked neatly away until I'm ready to carry it outside.

Do you really need to buy something like this? Sure, it's cute and would look good in our kitchen, but I have a ton of bowls and jars--I could just plop everything into a metal bowl and bring it out to the compost pile every day. I don't want to spend a lot of money on some gadget-y thing.

As for the outside pile, what about some chicken wire constructed into a circular shape and stuck into the ground? I think people way over-think these things. No need to get all fancy! It's just garbage and dirt.

But I'll be back after I read my book. If anyone has any tips about composting (or experiences, funny stories, etc) comment away!

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