Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello hello!

So I took a brief (OK LONG) hiatus from blogging because I have been busy at home and at work. Sadly, yes, I was turning into a a blogging-from-work person, which is mucho bad. I know, I know...especially in this economy, I really need to be careful.

Now, all blogging will be restricted to home hours...or maybe breaks for something quick.

What's been going on since my last post, approximately two weeks ago!?

House stuff:

1) We bought a lawn tractor. Yes, we did. It looks very similar to the one above, but ours has a bagger for the grass clippings. Hello compost! I feel so...odd posting that. I've been trying to really cut back/down on the amounts of spending/consumerism. It was pricey, but the FIL bought a slower model last year for MORE than we bought ours for (and it has more horse-power). I feel that if we take good care of it, it will last a long time, plus we did save up money to purchase it. Fingers crossed. We have an acre of land and it would have taken us way too long to mow with a walk-behind. Not that we don't need the exercise, but we also need to conserve what free time we have to work on other projects. Such as:

2) We cut down a small tree that was growing almost out of the foundation of the garage. Turtle thought it was a sumac, which aren't good trees to have around, so we cut it down. Then we dug out the roots. That was a sort of fun. There are some bulbs coming up right near where the tree was, so I'm planning on making that into a flower garden, eventually. I still need to assess the sunlight since it's on the south side of the house, but there are a lot of trees nearby. I'm guessing it will be partial or dappled shade, but I want to make sure before I invest money and time planting things, only to watch them die.

3) We've started weeding and clipping the bushes/grass that are growing up around our house. Ahhh, new house, new property to get acclimated with. We have no idea what the previous owners planted, so it's like a treasure hunt! There are a bunch of things that we want to yank out, some things just need to be pruned, others can stay as-is.

4) Last night, we bought a treadmill. I guess that's to balance out the fact that we bought a rider lawn mower? LOL. We both need to get into SERIOUS shape and we want to start our family in two years, so we better get on the ball. Errr, treadmill. Sure, we could have joined a gym for much less money, but we've tried the gym and we never go. This will be IN our house, there's no way to avoid it. We have a spare TV that we can put near it, so that it won't be Dullsville while working out. With our crazy work schedules, we can work out when we want to, not when a place is open.

1) All of my stomach issues have been resolved. No idea what that was all about, but I'll take it!

2) I really like my new boss (well, she's been with us for 6 months). I had a dream last night that she QUIT, so I hope this dream doesn't come true.

3) I'm going to take an HTML class this coming week. Paid for by work. I AM SO EXCITED! I never thought I'd be into this type of computer stuff, but I do see how it could help me in the future.

1) Uhh...Turtle's BOSS got fired last week. Not kidding. That was awkward. Apparently he shot his mouth off to the wrong people about something and it got back to the powers that be and then he was gone. Turtle's company is already screwed up's a crazy field to work in, especially in the trenches like he does. Turtle is in non-profit criminal justice...yeah.

2) Turtle has applied to work at my company, in our warehouse, because he just wants a low stress job. Sadly, a warehouse position pays just a tiny bit less than working where he does, which is in his field, with a Masters degree. Gotta love how things work.

3) As I type, Turtle and a friend are building him a workbench in the basement. This is good because now Turtle can repair our 4th kitchen chair that has been broken for months, lol. Then we can have a full set of chairs at the table. We have a small round table that seats 4, and with that 4th chair gone, it just looks odd.

There are many many other things that we've got planned for the spring and summer, so stay tuned, I'll be back soon to talk about them.

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  1. we had one of those rider mowers when we lived in dekalb, il. our yard was huge. afterwards, my dad would let us kids drive it around our cul-de-sac. it was great.


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