Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's March

One of my goals for this month, besides seeing how long I could go without grocery shopping (and we'll be changing that goal to "how FEW times I can go grocery shopping") was to see how little we could spend this month.

So far, March spending is NOT looking good. I try, I do...

$150 - Turtle's doctor appointment. Yes, we have insurance (good plan, too) but this dr. doesn't take ANY insurance. Long story about why we use him still. Thank God we can deduct from taxes.

I have to pick up a prescription tonight ($10) and some calcium supplements. Not sure how much those will be, but I buy store brand stuff most of the time anyway.

Tomorrow I have a dr's appointment ($30). Here we are, first week of March and almost $200 gone. Good thing this is also a pay week for both of us. And I did put $200 from my paycheck into savings, versus my usual $100.


  1. medical bills stink. and they always happen when you're trying to save money. same goes for car repairs:)
    glad everything is ok w/ you though.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad too. We're now wondering if it's something with our water (we have a well).


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