Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have some old posts that I've started, but never finished...

I'm debating what to do with them.

I could post, as-is, but they'd fall into chronological order and I don't know if people would read them since (I think) most people read what's first on the blog...

I could post them now, and just wait a day or two between posts to make them "current."

Hopefully they would be interesting to y'all. :-) I think they are. Plus, I could just post them during a slow day and you would NEVER know what was new and what wasn't! hahahaha


  1. I have the same situation. I want to post them to chronicle things and pictures (example, holidays), but I was way too busy to post them when they happened. . . but I think eventually, I'll post them and backdate them. My readers that read on google reader will see them. . . and I might put a link as the most recent entry.

    POST 'EM! :)

  2. I didn't realize that when you write a post and save it as a draft that when you do go to post it, it posts as the actual day you wrote it. I thought it would be the day you hit "post." But I like the idea of linking it back...I should do that! Thanks!!


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